Oh my goodness, where did the summer go? Does anyone else think this was an unusually quick year? But yet the Lord has, in this year, shown us great things in His Word that have made enormous changes in the hearts and lives of so many. We are ever grateful that our pastor has been teaching the truth of how the Grace of God has freed us from the bondage of performing to please our God. “Whom the Son sets free, is free indeed.” And when we accepted this freedom for our own lives, then we set out to carry this gospel to others so they can discover the Love and forgiveness that the Cross has provided for us. This teaching that our past is gone forever gives such joy to our souls. This means that our past can no longer dictate our future. Our future is bright with the promise of peace, happiness and bright days. Kris Vallotin, in his book “The Supernatural Ways of Royalty” says “When we are forgiven, the King gives us permission to live as though we have never sinned.”

Our past does not need to be our trainer. The Holy Spirit provides new instruction for us on a daily basis. He is our teacher, not our sinful past. He makes everything new every day with his teaching from His Word.

As we enter into the holidays, let’s think about the new life that we have been provided with and be thankful every day. Tell God just how thankful you are. You know He loves to hear it!


A merry heart doeth good like a medicine

A guest minister presented a sermon at church. He was a very boring speaker with a monotone voice. Later the host pastor took up an offering for the guest. When the money was counted, the pastor took another offering. Again, the money was counted and a third offering was taken. The pastor announced that they would continue to take the offering until they reached $20.

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